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Want to keep up with the latest donor giving trends? Well, we reckon look no further than the ‘Donor Behaviour Insight 2023’ report. And whilst it may not be the catchiest title, it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Packed with good insights, it reveals how donors give, what drives them to give, and their views on ethics and sustainability.

Here are the favourite things that caught our eye at ThinkDonate HQ recently:

- Despite the ongoing cost of living crisis, over 90% of respondents still want to support charities by donating money. That’s such good news.

- In fact, 55% of donors surveyed said they’re giving MORE now than before the pandemic. Who’d have thought that? - The way people give is changing too, with 33% of those surveyed preferring to donate online, with the trend set to continue growing in 2023. That really grabbed our attention at ThinkDonate!

- When it comes to donation frequency, 59% of donors prefer to give on a ‘one-off and ad-hoc’ basis, rather than being locked into a regular payment.

- Curious about donation amounts? 65% of those questioned give under £20 per donation, although older donors tend to donate a smaller amount.

- A large number of people (62%) have given to between 1-3 charities in the last 12 months. And here’s some good perspective … over half of those surveyed are interested in knowing the impact their donation has made.

Want to take advantage of these trends and supercharge your fundraising efforts? ThinkDonate can help!

Schedule a chat with us and discover how our free and easy to use social media fundraising tools can inspire and motivate your supporters to give even more, as they scroll. The team can be reached at


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