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Whether it’s keeping supporters up to date with regular Tweets, engaging Instagram Stories, or reaching out to Facebook groups, charities are busier than ever before on social media.

According to Blackbaud’s latest fundraising report, nearly a third of us say that we’re most likely to be inspired to donate by … a charity’s social post. That’s a significant slice of the UK population. And is growing fast. So, to supercharge your charity’s posts and drive more donations on social media, here are some helpful (and perhaps, surprising) numbers and tips;

  • Boost your reach with captivating images and videos. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared, increasing the chances of spreading your message far and wide. Use visuals that highlight your mission, evoke emotions and prompt action.

  • Ask the audience! Increase social media engagement by understanding your audience’s needs and delivering targeted content. Ask them what they’re interested in, listen to what they have to say – and tailor your posts accordingly. This approach can boost engagement by over 50% in weeks – and up to 110% in the long run.

  • Encourage user generated content (UGC) to share the load. Prompt your followers to share their stories and creative content related to your cause. Why? Because UGC is not only authentic and engaging, but it’s also 35% more memorable than content posted by an organisation.

  • Harness influencer power. Collaborate with an on-brand influencer to help tell your charity’s story. With 40% of Millennials connecting more deeply with influencers than friends (I know, we were shocked too), you can leverage this influential connection to expand your reach and inspire action.

  • Make it easy. 55% of people who engage with nonprofits on social media end up taking some sort of action. So, make it quick and simple for them to donate. Include a link to a DonatePage in your posts, so supporters can donate in-the-moment while they’re feeling most inspired.

Speaking of all things social, we love to chat, too! Drop us a note at, and let’s arrange a catch-up. Or better yet, sign your charity up to ThinkDonate right here and we’ll get you started in no time.


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