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Powering donations at The Creative Shootout 2023

We’re super pumped to be the official fundraising platform for this year’s The Creative Shootout 2023.

At the live event, we’ll be powering donations for the Shootout’s Charity of the Year, FoodCycle – a charity on a mission to make food poverty, loneliness and food waste a thing of the past, for every community.

The Creative Shootout promotes the incredible talent and thinking within the UK creative industry, through a radical and real-time live creative awards show, involving the UK’s best creative agencies – and where FoodCycle will receive the winning campaign, for free.

The Live Show audience, who are inspired by FoodCycle’s inspiring work and of course the nine creative agency pitches they hear, can easily donate to the charity via our QRDonate and #Donate products – meaning they can donate by simply tweeting #donate to @FoodCycle or by scanning a QR code on the night. #Easy!

The Creative Shootout 2023 takes place on the 26th January at Picturehouse Central, London. All-inclusive Live Show and After Party tickets can be bought here.


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