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LinkedIn and fundraising: natural partners

LinkedIn and fundraising. Not an obvious connection you may think. And up to now, you’d be right!

Since its early days, LinkedIn has moved on from a destination where you store your online CV (and frankly, job hunt), to a place with richer content and new features that drive deeper engagement with your professional network.

In fact, data from LinkedIn reveals 96% of UK B2B marketers say a good portion of their leads and new business comes from utilising the platform and posting frequent and relevant content. That’s a big number!

Coupled with statistics from The NGO Global Giving Report that reveals that over half of NGOs worldwide have a LinkedIn page. And that LinkedIn users are also 56% more likely to donate than the average internet user, it seems a no-brainer that charities should harness the power of the world’s largest social professional network … and get fundraising!

Here’s some things to consider, when you’re planning your fundraising strategy:

Get noticed

LinkedIn pages that share content weekly will double their engagement levels. If you’re short on time, use posts from your other social channels. Or, why not use content from your website, presented in bitesize chunks?

Make it easy

Donors are more likely to donate if you make it super simple for them to donate, then and there and in the moment. Why not add a custom button to your charity’s LinkedIn page that leads to a streamlined donate page with convenient payment methods so they can donate super quickly?

Pay your way

Just like Facebook and Twitter, organic posts on LinkedIn will only reach your current audience. To reach new people outside of your network, LinkedIn offers effective modes of advertising including sponsored content, pay per click adverts and InMail. If you’re opting for a direct to donate campaign, remember to include a link to a donate page.

Take a second

If LinkedIn fundraising is new to you, take time to analyse data and evaluate campaigns. Don’t be afraid to hypothesize, test and learn until you get the results you’re looking for.

How ThinkDonate can really help

ThinkDonate is a great option for all your fundraising on LinkedIn … and here’s why:

Designed for LinkedIn and Twitter, #Donate lets your network donate with a hashtag, whenever they’re feeling inspired by your posts.

And it’s simple to set up in your ThinkDonate dashboard. First, choose your fundraising hashtag or simply opt for ‘#donate’. Next, set how long you want your fundraising hashtag to be live for.

Then, supporters commenting on ANY of your LinkedIn posts with the hashtag will trigger a donation flow which includes an instant reply with a link to your donation page and, following a successful donation, a thank you message from you.

100% automated, it’ll save you loads of time and resource.


Sometimes including a link to your website’s donation page is not always the best option, especially if you want to encourage quick ‘in the moment’ donations.

Instead, create a simple donation page (called DonatePage, from ThinkDonate) with convenient payment methods in your ThinkDonate dashboard. It’s up to you what information you include on the page, make it as streamlined as you like.

You can now link your DonatePage to your LinkedIn donate button, use it in organic or promoted posts or generate a unique link for corporate partners and ask them to fundraise for you on their own LinkedIn page. Or why not do all three?!

Read more about #Donate and DonatePage here or, why not book a 30 min demo, we’d love to chat and show you more - send us a message at


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