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Hashtags and #Donate!

This month, we’re thinking about hashtags and #Donate!

As a little reminder, #Donate is a new fundraising tool that harnesses the power of hashtags on Twitter and LinkedIn.

It’s easy to get started. Sign up to ThinkDonate for free (it’s quick and simple to do at, activate #Donate from your dashboard, and customise your hashtag if you like – or simply stick with #Donate. And every time a supporter uses your hashtag in your Twitter or LinkedIn feed, they’ll receive an instant reply with a direct link to donate. #Easy!

If you opt to customise your hashtag, here’s some top tips on choosing the best hashtag for your cause:

  • Keep it simple: Choose a hashtag that is concise and straightforward. Shorter hashtags are easier to type, remember and engage with. Try ones like #give, #support and #help

  • Reflect your mission: Align your hashtag with the core values and objectives of your charity. For example – #DonateAMeal, #BedforANight or #RehomeAPet

  • Stir emotions: Use a hashtag that evokes emotion, passion, and purpose. Ones like #SaveLives, #FindACure and #MakeADifference will work well

  • Encourage action: Chose a hashtag that prompts action and motivates supporters to get involved. Use a call-to-action approach and inspire people to be part of your cause. Ones like #ActNow, #TakeAction and #GiveBack are great!

The right hashtag will really boost your fundraising efforts on social, so choose wisely and make an impact with #Donate #today!


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