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Giving you something to smile about

With news of AmazonSmile’s closure, here’s why ThinkDonate can bring back a smile to charities seeking an alternative revenue stream – that is both efficient and manageable in terms of resources and time. Charity Digital News thinks so too. Read their latest article here.

Social media can really boost your fundraising efforts, and ThinkDonate empowers your followers to donate in the moment, as they scroll.

Managed from a single, secure, and easy to use dashboard, it’s simple to start fundraising. All you have to do is set the details of your campaign, choose your fundraising tools (there are four to choose from, including amazing #Donate) – and share across your social channels.

Involve corporate partners and influencers in your campaign by inviting them to fundraise for you on their own social channels, too.

Launch customisable and automated campaigns that can be shared across multiple platforms in an instant.

Easily export custom donor data reports via a CSV file, measure campaign performance against set goals, and get insights into your fundraising.

We hope we can make you smile with ThinkDonate too, so why not come and say hi at and we’ll answer any questions you have. And if you’d like a quick demo, let’s do it!


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