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#Fundraise Ahoy!

It was all hands on deck when the Jubilee Sailing Trust recently signed up to ThinkDonate. The inspiring charity, which helps change lives through adventure and exploration on tall ships at sea, urgently needed to raise funds to avoid closure – which would signal the end of a forty-four-year history. So time was critical (and not on their side), and the Jubilee Sailing Trust needed to reach supporters effectively and efficiently, mobilising their online community to give. And fast. The charity quickly set up a # fundraising campaign on ThinkDonate called #savetheJST and used a range of fundraising tools to collect donations across their social channels, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All donations were recorded in their own customised ThinkDonate dashboard, making it easy for the charity to monitor progress. And what great progress it was! We’re as happy as hashtags to report the charity has now successfully completed their first phase of fundraising and we’re proud that we were able to help them successfully generate significant donations on social media, in just a few days. At ThinkDonate we have some great fundraising tools to help you # fundraise across your social channels with ease – and really own in the moment giving. Thankfully we’re never at sea, so drop us a note at and let’s arrange a time to chat on dry land. Or equally, you can simply sign your charity up to ThinkDonate at here.


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